Fruit dumplings, snow and memories

Today I’ve found for you a tourist review. The author was in Prague in times of communism, so he could compare difference
in process of time and also well known places was not so breathtaking as once was. More about things that changed in Prague for the better and otherwise you can find here.

I was tempted to buy a t-shirt with the phrase “The KGB is Still Watching You,” but I didn’t give in. I think that all the shops in the center of the city are run by Russians. Somehow I couldn’t get into a Czech mood with all this Russian music playing when we went in to shops—they all had a deal, but the deals all seemed to be the same price. Finally made it to Charles Bridge and discovered TOURIST HORDES from all over Europe Got a ticket which allowed us to see St. Vitus Cathedral and a number of other sites. When we were here under communism, almost all of this was free—now capitalist Czechs are charging for almost everything, even to go into a church.

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