Some piece of knowledge from Prague

I have found this article describing some tips from Prague. What this author found out during visit of Prague you can see here. It’s interesting from my side, because it’s really long I’ve seen rudeness of Czech people and this thing is described very often by visitors. Maybe I’m so polite to everyone, that they can’t be rude on me. Maybe I’m too tired to see their sour faces ;-)

Does Czechs really have so bad behaviour?

Well, here are what I think are cool observations about the Czech Republic. – They love dogs here. Cute little dogs, in particular, and the fuzzier the better. Long-haired dachsunds abound. The curious thing is how many of them are wearing muzzles. – As soon as the sun comes out, all the girls come out in short, short skirts. Unfortunately, their fashion sense is stuck in the 70’s, and they cover up the legs with really cheap, shimmery pantyhose. C’mon gals, show off those gams. Pasty and white won’t get any better if you don’t let ‘em see the sun. - your absolute Prague guide and travel resource.

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