Biggest archaeological research is finished

Archaeologists finished biggest research in history of Czech archeology. This research was in center of Prague at namesti Republiky square in area of former barracks. There will be built new commercial zone and most important buildings of archaeological research will be component of the zone.

The area has a size of Old Town Square and research took three years. Archaeologists found three Romans palaces of different types. All three buildings are conserved and visitors of commercial center will be able to see it. This buildings was destroyed shortly after build because building of new wall to protect young Prague. Only basement left for next generations. This palace is biggest roman palace found in Czech Republic. Most interesting part is roman toilet. Why? Because in later times during medieval, toilets does not exists: even aristocrats hadn’t this equipment. There was found putamen of lime what shows fast trade contacts with world.

In addition, archaeologist found about five millions of artifacts. Among them is for example ring from 12th century with Hebrew inscription, medieval scissors or rest of maybe oldest glassed window in Bohemia lands.

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