Happy Easter!

I’ve search for some article about Easter in Czech Republic and I’ve found one. It’s from Radio Prague and offers far more information than I can give you here. And it would be pity not to see all pretty pictures. So take a look at Czech and Bohemian traditions.

Easter Monday is a day of joy for children and adults alike. Men and boys set out in search of girls, in order to hit them with their Easter wands, which are braided from four, six, or eight willow branches and decorated with one or more colored ribbons. The original interpretation of the mrskacky or slehacky was one of rejuvenation – transferring the vitality of young twigs to a living being.
During this carolling and whipping, the girls present the boys with eggs – painted, colored, or even just white. The most used color for coloring eggs was red, the color of love. The best known carolling rhyme still remains today.

Rest of this article and much more, for example about Czech Easter Menu or colouring Easter Eggs, you can find on this pretty made pages of Radio Prague.

Happy Easter to all!


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