Matejska pout ends on Easter Monday

Matejska fairground, biggest gather of attractions mainly for kids was opened almost two months. This collection of roller-coasters, lookout wheel, haunting houses or merry-go-rounds is every year located at Prague Vystaviste – exhibition ground in Holesovice.

This year Matejska pout celebrates 410th jubilee. As time goes, the attractions were changed. This year fairground at Vystaviste presents 110 Czech freaks and 30 foreign freaks mainly from the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.

Czech attractions will cost in price range 20-40 CZK and will offer for example bumping cars, merry-go-round, chain whirligig, haunting house or target range. Dominant is traditionally Ferris-wheel, large roller coaster or Singing Krizik fountain.

Foreign attactions are more expensive: 60-200 CZK, but they are at high technical level. For example multifunctional whirligig Ikarus, which raises visitors in high of 35 metres and offer them enjoy of a nosedive. Or is there attraction named booster which affords two rotating arms with velocity 110 km/h.

Refreshments are for example traditional hot dogs, cotton candy, Chinese noodles, roast chicken, kolachs, Pardubice gingerbread, Turkish honey and much much more.

Matejska pout is opened for everyone this four days from 10 AM to 10 PM. Fun on this place can enjoy kids, teenagers as well as adults.

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