Easter traditons from view of female foreigner

Czech tradition of whipping girl with pomlazka on Easter Monday can be for someone surprising, strange or confusing. But this tradition is, after Christmas one of strongest in Czech country.
And even it may looks brutal, it’s not true. And what may be for someone surprising, girls enjoy it too. And fact is that no one can be forced to be whipped. But i thing that this tradition is so specific that will survive many years in Czech Republic.

The whipping generally occurs on either the legs or the buttocks. The name of the whip—and the “flogging festival” itself—is the pomlázka. The tradition is a pagan one, and perhaps regrew in popularity during Communist times, in which celebrating the religious focus of Easter was generally forbidden. (Also due to this, Easter Monday and not at all Good Friday or even Easter Sunday is the most celebrated day here). The pomlazka whip is traditionally made of braided willow twigs, but these days men typically just buy them.

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  1. wombat said, Apr 19, 09:42 AM #

    It’s sad to see when czech traditions and customs are misunderstood and criticized by people whose contribution to the world culture are gems like McDonald’s.

    Nice blog, by the way!

  2. Mirek (author) said, Apr 26, 03:21 PM #

    Thank you.
    I can hardly imagine, that Easter traditions in foreign countries can be without whipping and pomlazka. It has to be so boring, I think :-)

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