Matzah problems in Prague

Easter time is of course not only a Christian feast, but also Jewish feast. And there you cand find out how difficullt is to find Matzah, traditional Hebrew feast food. Especially when you speak only English in state where everyone speaks Czech and most of people are atheistic or Christian.

So I write down all necessary information and hit the streets, off to the Jewish quarter. Though my jacket has a hood, I am umbrella-less, and am only so protected by the hood. Especially from cars which like to drive too close to the curb. And given Prague’s fantastic street drainage ability, I didn’t stay that dry for that long.
I make it to the address I have written down – it’s a synagogue in Josefov. All doors are locked. There’s a sign that reads “entry is restricted” right next to the list of all the services they conduct. Hmm.
Standing in the rain coming from both the sky and the tires of passing cars, I call to confirm matzah is available. The lady on the other end does not speak English. And given my difficulties with the face-to-face conversation asking for matzah, I didn’t bother to do that over the phone. I’m put on hold while the lady searches for someone who speaks English.

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