Prague islands on Vltava river will change

Vltava river has seven islands in Prague with different purposes and content. Some of them will change face on account of next floods.

Slovansky (or Zofinsky, “Slavic”) island has new anti flood equipment including barriers.
Strelecky (“Shooting”) island will have only current restaurant and park.
Stvanice island should be mostly revitalized. It is panned to build park, sport ground. Ice stadium and tennis-court still.
Cisarsky (“Emperor”) island will remove colony of gardens and cottages, sewage disposal plant will be extended by one third. Remain of park and riding club will continue its existence.

Rohan and Liben islands are not islands technically, but still they are in small level above the river. Concreting plant will be demolished, there would be park and recreation place. Golfers, gardens and bazaar should disappear.

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