Angels of pedestrians and bikers

If you walked yesterday on zebra crossing, you could see an angel. Traffic in Prague was yesterday guarded by 32 angels with white wings and a respirator. They guarded selected communications and crossroads and they was crossing with pedestrians.

When you asked an angel, he or she simply answered:” I’m guarding angel of pedestrians and bikers and today I will rarely look after you.”

This action was made like reaction on dangerousness of some crossroads and zebra crossings and they want to give to drivers thing to think about their rude behaviour on roads. 61 pedestrians and bikers were killed last year, that is more by nine per cent than in year 2004.

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  1. wombat said, Apr 21, 03:46 PM #

    Drivers are one of the worse thing in Prague. They are rude and anti-social. Interesting how when there is a speed bump every one slows down worried about their precious car, but when it comes to pedestrians – who cares.

  2. Mirek (author) said, Apr 26, 03:33 PM #

    At least I think that is hard to clean a blood from a hood. :-)

    You are right, big city means traffic jams, crossroads, lights, tram and that means more rude drivers. I can bet that other cities are not so different. At least that pedestrians like me has superiority at zebra crossing in face of cars.

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