Barrandov studios - future No.1 in moviemaking

Barrandov studios will expand. 4 000 square meters of new movie studio complex will make Barrandov studios second biggest studios in Europe and first in technical support. New complex will have soundproof premises, which Europe biggest studio – London Pinewood hasn’t.

Foundation-stone was set 20th April. Total cost of complex is more than one hundred thousands Czech crowns. This will be addition to original part from 1933 and three complexes built in time of Protectorate Czech and Moravia, where Czechoslovakia was taken by Hitler’s Germany.

Prague is very popular destination for movie makers, because here is very good technical and personal support with leading of Barrnadov studios, and it is much cheaper to travel from Hollywood to Czech Republic, shoot from movie as much as it gets and travel back, than do the whole movie in USA. In additional, Czech Republic has very much from intact history than other countries, so it is best place to make historical movies like From Hell with Johny Depp or Napoleon with Gerard Depardieu. Now is shoot James Bond in Prague and many other movies were and will be shoot. - your absolute Prague guide and travel resource.

Hotel Kafka, Prague

3-star hotel close to the centre. Single room for 32 EUR per night!


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