Pearl Jam in Prague

Pearl Jam starts a world tour in May shortly after new album with single World Wide Suicide. Jam starts in Canada and it will visit Europe in time of summer holiday. They will visit Czech Republic 22th September 2006.

Pearl Jam is a legend of grunge style and from their start in year 1991 with album Ten they became one of most known bands with sixty millions sold albums. The new one is eight in a row and fans had to wait four years.

Pearl Jam visit in Prague this September is third one in Prague. First was in year 1996 with album No Code, in year 2000 it was Binaurual.

This time they will play in Sazka Arena. Tickets are not yet available, I will inform you.

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  1. Rob said, Apr 25, 06:26 PM #

    On u can read, that they will b on the 23rd of september in prague. wicked!!!!

  2. Rob said, Apr 25, 06:32 PM #

    Sorry I meant 22.9.

  3. Mirek (author) said, Apr 26, 03:17 PM #

    Hi Rob, You are right.
    I gathered information from the more sources and two of them (Prague newspapers) said, that is 29th. So I didn’t noticed that others says something different.

    Thank you, now information are corrected.

  4. Jasiu said, May 4, 11:21 PM #

    Hi all.
    Glad to hear the good news :D Do you know how much do the tickets cost, and where exactly will the show take place?? Pearl Jam does not play in Poland this year :( so I need to go to Prague (which is a lovely city btw) :))

  5. Mirek (author) said, May 5, 09:20 AM #

    A promoter of the concert in Prague – Sazka ticket, still has only “coming soon” as an info about concert.
    When selling of tickets will be ready, it will be first thing I’ll give at ABC Prague :-)

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