Charles IV. exhibition is sold out

Exhibition Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God is hopelessly sold out. Exhibition was very popular last year in New York Metropolitan museum, where had 170.000 visitors.

Interest about the exhibition in Prague is the same. Precisely, it is so popular that all tickets were sold two months before the end of the exhibition. 67.700 people have seen it and about 32.000 is awaited. The exhibition is from 16th February to 21st May.

Limited number of tickets is because there is a limit of daily visitors, because many of artifacts are fragile and even human heat or vapour from breath can damage them in such big amount.

It is impossible to length the exhibition because of contracts – many exhibits have to be returned or moved to other exhibitions. Exhibits come from many museums and states. Maybe the opening hours will be extended, but it is not certain. Now there is only one small chance how to visit the exhibiton: wait until someone will return their ticket or will lose their reservation. But it is rare.

Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God is showing culture and art in the reign of the last Luxembourgs 1347-1447. Charles IV. was Czech king and one of greatest Emperors of Europe, his work in Bohemia is still astounding: Charles Bridge, New Town, Karlstejn, Charles university and much more was built. He made Bohemia and Prague greatest, modern and prosper places from all Europe in these days. That’s why Charles IV. was voted as Biggest Czech by the Czech people.

Still, there are many following actions, and they can be visited without any problem. You can visit writings about Charles IV. and his family with many precious books from Archives of Czech Crown. It is unique too, because such a big exhibition hasn’t been made since the year 1978. Or you can visit the exhibition about every-day culture of Prague in the 14th century. There are some actions especially for kids. Another option is to visit the Haptic Exhibition. Many actions are also out of the city at castles. Try visiting Karlstejn, Krivokat or Tocnik.

More information about Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God and accompanying events you can find on Official pages.

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