All dead swans had bird flu H5N1

Each of twelve dead swans had H5N1 type of virus, which is dangerous and also deadly for humans. Swans were found between 27th March and 14th April in southern Bohemia in the area of the Vltava river.

Tests are known once only now, because have to be done in more steps. Firstly, a bird has to be found and transported into a specialised veterinary. Secondly, veterinary identifies if the dead bird could be killed by bird flu. Thirdly, laboratory identifies, that the bird was killed by a bird flu of specific type like H5. And finally fourth, lab identifies the virus precisely – H5N1.

2288 dead birds were examined in the Czech Republic at the beginning of April. Only swans were infected. So there is no fear that Czech poultry, even from controlled zones can be contaminated.

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