Another scandal of Czech Football league

Czech Football league decorated with corruption of referees, has a new scandal. Yesterday was the match between Slavia Prague and Slovan Liberec was an unbelievable process. THe whole team of Slavia abandoned the football pitch during standard playing time in the 69th minute. This happened for the last time in Czech football league history 86 years ago.

Their leave from the pitch was made as protest against referee Jaroslav Jara, who disqualified in 60th minute one Slavia player and in 68th another plus he ordered to kick a penalty. Liberec scored. After few moments the leading of Slavia sent it’s players to dressing-room.

Referee Jara didn’t know how to solve this situation, because there is no rule what to do, when whole the team exits the football pitch. Liberec players were ready to give thanks to audience and went home, but Slavia players returned after 20 minutes. Match was finished, Liberec won 3:1.

Slavia’s protest will be investigated, as well as punishment for Slavia and it’s behavior. Slavia accepted defeat, but they can’t accept referee Jara’s directing .

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