Memorial at Vitkov hill as a theater

The memorial at Vitkov hill looks more like a tomb than a memorial. And in fact is was. There embalmed body of communistic president Klement Gottwald was kept there as an reflection of Lenin corpse in Moscow Mausoleum. Unfortunately (or luckily) the corpse had to be buried, because embalming was made wrongly.

And this place, this crypt, where is even in hottest days cold as in the winter, this place will for some days from 16th May will be transformed into the theater. Each play will be at a different place, and even visitors can get to places which are not normally accessible.

A group of young artists named “Depressive Kids Deserving for Money” will use this space of memorial as a part of play.
You can see a performance by the German author Deya Loher Third Sector, Edgar Allan Poe’s game The Fall of the House of Usher, third will be a performance by Thomas Bernhard and last bu not least will be Caligula by Albert Camus.

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