New law against the rowdies

Rowdies on sport matches, mostly football or ice hockey, will have to calm down. The new law is much harder than former one. Standard disorderliness is punished by condition. But rowdyism on sport matches will be now punished much harder.

Czech rowdies become more and more aggressive. Vandalism and violence is unforunately more frequent. On April 2004 fans of Banik Ostrava pulverized Zlin stadium for total cost 250 000 CZK. In year 2003 a fan of Bohemians got to football pitch and hit a referee with his fist.

Now hooligans can even have prohibited entrance to all matches to the rest of theis lifes or they can be imprisoned for two years. Camera systems on stadiums are more frequent and this will help to identify rioters, when they break the law and recognize them when they wants to get to stadium and it is prohibited for them.

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