"Burn her, she's a witch!"

I used this quotation from Monty Python’s as an introduction of an old Czech tradition. It is Burning of witches and it is an old tradition on 30th April, which in middle ages was made as a protection against witches, sorcerers or demons.

Night of 30th April is also named Philip-Jacob’s night and it was believed that magic is very strong in this time. That is why ordinary people light large fires as a protection against witches, which were flying on brooms. Later people made large dolls of witches and they burnt it in this fire. In addition is now Burning of witches connected with roasting of knackwursts.

On 30 April, also commonly named Carodejnice (“Witches”... literally it is A woman, who makes magic), Carodky or Cary Prague has a lot to offer.

Miss Wich at Prague 6-Ladronka, Troja vineyard will offer a theater fairy tale, garden club Klamovka has a progrem for kids – competition for the best mask. You can visit Cisarska louka, where will be music and competition in computer games.

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