New road-traffic radars in Prague

Prague police fights with disorderly drivers. Now it has new weapons. Twenty new road-traffic radars was bought in total cost of 37 millions CZK.

The police wants to decrease number of car accidents, caused by too high speed. An excessive speed makes only about 10 per cents of car crashes, but about 44 per cents of died on the roads are because of an excessive speed.

Police is using mobile road-traffic radars and also firm posts at crossroads. New twenty radars will be placed at most dangerous crossroads and places. It is at locations of Jizni spojka (Southern connection-part of Inner Prague circuit), crossroads Chodska-Sumavska, 5.kvetna-Chodovska or Jeremenkova-Podolska. This places will be marked with traffic sings, that will help as a prevention of dangerous and excessive speed.

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