Prague in the eyes of foreigners

STEM/MARK agency made another research about Prague. They wanted to know what visitors of Prague recollect, when they hear “Prague”. Visitors was asked at travel trade fairs out of Czech Republic.

And their answer? There is top ten.
1) Attractive because of monuments
2) Interesting, beautiful city
3) Culture, Art
4) History
5) Architecture
6) Beer
7) Entertainment
8) Free-time activities
9) Vltava River
10) Czech products

Things, that people like on Prague most are monuments, an architecture, a culture, nice people, Czech cuisine, a fun, a friendly atmosphere and a beer.

Prague shady parts are street criminality, public transport or and overcrowded streets. Other are behaviour Czechs to travellers, high prizes, dirt and prefab houses.

Meteor Plaza, Prague

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Hostel Jednota, Prague

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