61st anniversary of the end of World War II

Prague as many other towns and cities celebrated the end of WWII. It was not so big as it was last year but it you still could see reconstructions of battles like in Prague – Malesice. Pilsen is traditional place where you can met American veterans, because this city celebrates liberation by Americans, not Soviets as it was at eastern part of Czechoslovakia.

A ceremonial oath of new 235 professional soldiers was made to a president Vaclav Klaus at Prague Castle. Then Vaclav Klaus inaugurated eight high officers to a general rank. One of them Pavel Stefek – General Chief of Staff was promoted to rank General of the Army.

General Alois Elias, Prime Minister during WWII was in year 1942 executed by Nazis. After 64 years he was finally with his wife buried. He was executed for helping to London resistance. Their final rest is now because their urns were kept secret and safe in communistic times by their friend a historian Tomas Pasak. Place of their final rest is at Vitkov memorial.

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