Unique music instruments were stolen

Two unique music instruments were stolen on Sunday night. It is an acoustic guitar and a mandolin. Every one can recognize them at the first sight – both of them are made of match-sticks.

It may sound unbelievable, but instruments are made only from match-sticks (except metal pieces like strings) and they are fully functional. The guitar is made from 17 000 matches and it took 2738 hours of work. The mandolin is made from 7426 matches and it took 1127 hours. Some number of matches was made by a creator itself from different wood.

The instruments was stolen during loading of match-sticks products at the and of World Book Prague as a part of exhibition from locked car. It is suspected that robbery was planned. But the guitar and the mandolin can’t be sold because they are really unique and everyone will know origin of them.

A cost of music instruments can be counted twice: like a cost of 25 000 match-sticks or what is more accurate – incalculable. Owners offer 10 000 CZK for any information that will help to catch thieves.

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