Flower day

You could meet people with yellow flowers in yesterday Prague. It was 10th Flower day, organised by League Against Cancer. This gathering is every second May Wednesday. Students sold yellow pot marigold flowers for 20 CZK at least.

Organisers prepared 590 thousands of flowers, 135 scout pairs sold it to Prague citizens and tourists. League’s goal was to gather at least 10 million CZK.

This year was a theme woman cancer like breast cancer and cervix cancer, because number of diseased and dead patients is not decline. Money from the gather will be used for a prevention and a research.

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  1. rac said, May 18, 11:48 AM #

    I would like to know why the yellow pot marigold flower was chosen to represent the fight against cancer
    Thanks, rac

  2. Mirek (author) said, May 18, 03:11 PM #

    As I’ve found, pot marigold is a medicinal plant since ancient world. It can be used for many diseases and one of it’s effects is anti-oxidizing and therefore it lowers risk of a cancer.

    I’ve realized that this article may look that flowers was real. It was a fake of marigold inflorescence made of a synthetic fabric with a safety-pin. Flowers were nice actually.

  3. rac said, May 18, 04:55 PM #

    Wonderful, thanks for prompt reply

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