Katerina Jacques Case

A fast investigation has results in case of beating Katerina Jacques by police at anti neo-Nazi demonstration and still continues.

First punished was a policeman, who command to a brutal policeman Tomas Cermak. He will have lower salary by ten per cent for one month.

District director of Prague 2 Jan Navratil and vice-director Petr Vanecek have to abandon their posts. They will work at lower positions.

Police president Vladislav Husak wasn’t raised to a general rank and some of his inferiors has higher rank than he has.
Vice-director of Prague police will be most probably degraded. Ten policemen who done nothing against behaving of their colleague Cermak will be investigated too.

Tomas Cermak is suspected of overstep public agent’s power, a bodily harm and a restriction of personal liberty.

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