Folk dancers at Old Town Square

I’ve found nice photos of folk/national dance, where artistic group presented a piece of our history, tradition and culture.

The dances were described as being from Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, and Hungary.
The music was provided by a fairly large cimbalom group which, if memory serves me, had four violins, two violas, a bass, and two clarinets in addition to the cimbalom.

If you can’t imagine how can old Slavonic music sound, than closest known music style is something like polka an wiener waltz.

Here are the photos.

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  1. Karla said, May 19, 10:32 PM #

    Dekuji Vam!

  2. Erwan said, May 26, 07:12 PM #

    Dobry den !

    I am Erwan from Brittany (West part of France). I play and dance traditional dances from Brittany.

    I will be in Prague from May 27th to 31th. I’d like to discover your tradition and meet people who play or dance.

    My email is . This is my mobile number : 0033.

    Thank you for your attention.


  3. Mirek (author) said, May 30, 05:43 PM #

    As I found last-minute performance 31st May in Prague from 7.30 PM. It is a dulcimer music by J. Janousek with solists.

    Adress: Atrium na Zizkove, Čajkovského 12a, Prague 3. Selling tickets starts 6.30 PM. Map is here or here.

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