Hurvinek knows his owner

Spejbl and Hurvinek has certain owners. Prague city court definitely determined who is owner of this marionettes. There was a long trial between Helenna Stachova, director of Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvinek and heir of Josef Skupa – designer of the marionettes.

Helena Stachova and all theatre can be calm now, because this court, as well as two recent give all rights connected with Spejbl and Hurvinek to her. Almost. Still there is a chance that the heir -Pilsen social institution will use extraordinary judicial remedy at Highest court.

Whole problem was determine, who is a real author of marionettes. The heir says that it was Skupa, Stachova was trying to explain that Skupa’s design was heavily changed by wood-carver of S+H.

If Stachova lose a trial, Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvinek would pay 400 000 crown a year to the heir – owner of registered mark. A such big cost would cause that the theatre would have to be closed.

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