Charles Bridge will be checked

After Saturday ship collision with Charles Bridge is planned that place of collision will be examined. It is not clear that ship Odyssey was really damaged by a pillar of the bridge or some underwater obstacle, but the pillar will be checked by divers.

Just to be sure, because there is almost no chance that the bridge can be more seriously damaged by a ship. Divers can do their job after two or three days, they are waiting for better visibility under surface.

Protection of passengers at Prague ships is at good level. Although no ship has a lifeboat (it is not necessary), each ship is equipped by life jackets, floating blocks or an another protection. In addition Vltava river in Prague is relatively safe.

Ship accident is rare in Prague – one accident in two or three years. Biggest accident was in year 1898, when a boiler of a steamship exploded and three people died. Technical condition of ships are periodically checked every two or two and half years and at random by State shipping government.

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