Havlickovy sady has 100 years

Havlicek’s gardens has an anniversary today. Beautiful park in Prague 2 – Vinohrady is a rest from a city life. And today is there rich programme for each visitor. There will be Concert of Prague brass ensemble and compound evening with a lecture about history of Havlickovy sady.

A rich businessman Moritz Gröbe built representative family estate in the seventies of 19th century. Famous architects helped to built it. After his death his heirs sold whole mansion with large garden to (Royal) Vinohrady. The park was opened for public 16th May 1906.

Whole area including gardens and buildings is Preserved monument. Prague 2 gained the park from Capital city of Prague in bad condition in 1999. The park with buildings were reconstructed in cost 47 millions Czech crowns. New roads, kids playgrounds and stairs will be made yet.

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