Little gorilla is a girl

A gorilla born before seventeen months in Prague zoo called Moja is a girl. And it was hard to discover it. Moja which means First in Swahili language, has perfect parents, which look after her very carefully. Thus attendants didn’t want to take her for tests from parents and they had to manage with test from droppings and slobber, because recognizing the sex of a young gorilla by eye is impossible.

First test made by Prague Criminalistic Laboratory last December said that Moja is male for 98 per cents. A moth later test was saying that it is a female. So Prague zoo decided to make two independent test. now both are saying that is is definitely female. Hooray! :-)

Moja was named “First”, because it is first gorilla born in Prague zoo. Number of female gorillas in European zoo’s is much lesser than males, so Moja can be happy, that will be integrated into gorilla life in another Europe zoo. It will be in seventh or eight year of Moja’s life. Exact zoo will be chosen by European Coordinating Committee for gorilla’s breeding.

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