Prague Main station will be strongly changed

Main Station (Hlavni nadrazi) or Wilson station will be changed an reconstructed at last. Mostly terrible experience with the gate to Prague will decline to the end in few months.

Old station and new look of the station should be like a night and a day. Dirty, dark, unfriendly, out of date, chaotic and even dangerous is station now. And all this will become an opposite. New look will be like at an airport or at a shopping centre: light, airy, with white pillars and modern information system. No more beggars, homeless and unwelcome groups, chaotic kiosks will be replaced and shops, restaurants and cafes will appear. Station police will change miserable office for much bigger rooms, where you can now find a sex-shop. An old part of the station – Art Nouveau Fanta’s station will be revitalized too.

The reconstruction would be finished in year 2009. The reconstruction will be sequent so the station will function normally. Foreign investor is Italian company Grandi Stazioni.

Large changes will be at the station surrounding too. Vrchlicky’s park (Vrchlickeho sady) are more known as Sherwood. Homeless people, “sinister elements” and litter are guests of this Prague green. But no more. Sherwood will become a park with English grass, bushes disappear and flower beds will flank paths. More lights in the park will make it safer and elegant.

Another change will be at arterial. It will be moved, so the historical part of the station will have chance to breathe.

New look of the station you can see at this visualization movie. (9,61 MB)
I just hope that the promises and planes become true.

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