Footbal national stadium should be at Letna

Large football stadium for large international matches like Europe Championship or Champions League. This dream appeared in minds of Czech football leaders ten years ago. After many proposals about size of the stadium and a place in Prague, new resolution of Prime Minister makes some things more clear, even when they are a little bit strange.

It is planned that the stadium will be at place of present stadium of FC Sparta at Letna. National stadium will be bigger than present club stadium which will be demolished. BUT. The stadium will have only 35 000 seats instead of 50 000, because of space, even if 50 000 is a minimum for stadiums Europe Championship or Champions League. So the stadium will be smaller than original planes, but cost will be same: 2-3,5 billions crowns. It has to be said that Sazka Arena had to cost mostly 5 billions. Now it seems that cost of this another project will be 15 billions.

Letna is easily reachable by cars but it hasn’t good access to metro, and some other places can look better. In ten years there was a suggestion for Strahov, Maniny, Eden, Kacerov, Letna, Strahov and New Butovice. Last suggestion was Vysocany, because it has good access to metro and there could be space for 50 000 seat stadium. This place is verified by concerts of Paul McCartney or Carlos Santana.

Stadium at Sparta could be built in 2010, it is promised by MP that state budget will give one billion crowns for infrastructure connected with building of the stadium. Today it is 14 days to elections.

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