Police trained procedures at CzechTek

CzechTek, a biggest techno music convention was a disaster last year. Conflict between music fans and police ended with broken law and injuries at both sides. The police was heavily criticised for their procedures against techno fans, but the police wanted to protect illegally taken holdings.

Yesterday the police trained how to make whole police action much better. 1200 policemen and students of police school, trained new style of action. Student dressed as members of techno party behaved almost like as true members.

First innovation is a group of police negotiators who will walk among members of gathering and explained members that they are breaking law and instruct them that they can safely exit an area where they shouldn’t be. At the training techno-members didn’t allow any negotiation, so the police had to make standard measure with armoured police.

Second innovation is recording an incident. Police will record an incident from many cameras including a camera at police helicopter for identify break-rulers. This will also help co coordinate a measure.

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