3, 2, 1, Shoot!

This is not traditional marathon. This is not traditional photo contest. This is Prague Photomarathon. One day, six hours, twelve themes and Prague. Photo amateurs as well as professionals, digital cameras as well as film camera, Czech or foreigner. There is no difference.

This interesting competition is tomorrow for second time. Winner will be rewarded. Fist prize is Olympus E-500, smallest prize is at 30th place. Rules are simple: Anyone older 15 can compete. Each competitor must have own camera. Starting and registration point: Old Town Square. Registration fee 400,- CZK. Photographers with 35mm film camera will obtain a film to 12 photos. It is not allowed to use any other. Competition starts at between 8 to 10 AM. Everyone will get same 12 themes at this time and competitor will have six hours to make 12 photos in exact order. Photos (film or data’s) has to be brought in Photo centre Skoda in Vodickova street, few meters from Wenceslas square from 4 PM to 6 PM. Works will be evaluated by a professional jury nominated by the organizer.

If you are nearby, why not try it?

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