Czech crown is breaking records

Czech crown is strongest in comparison with world currency – American dollar and euro – ever. One dollar is 21,78 CZK now and one euro is 28,10 CZK. This level was reached in one day 17th May. It is incredible how can value of a currency be so fluctuating. Some years ago one euro was equal to 33 CZK, and one dollar was 36 CZK.

Strong crown has advantages as well as disadvantages. For Czech people it means cheaper foreign goods like electronics and cars and cheaper travelling. On the other hand Czech exporters has a problem to sell their goods, because it is more expensive, than it was. For you who want to travel to Czech Republic it mean less crowns for one dollar/euro/pound etc.

Some change might be in this trend after Czech elections, if communists would take some place in the government.

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