Prague has a mobile hospital

Specially modified truck is now prepared to use. This interesting project has cost 17,5 millions crowns in shape of a truck. The truck in colours of a rescue service will work in Prague and even in Central Bohemia region.

This truck with special semi-trailer will be used at causes of mass accident where more than 50 people will be injured or a solving the accident will take more than one hour. This can be for example in causes of a terrorist attack, plane-crash, large car-accident, a railway accident, collapse of a building or natural disaster.

The hospital on wheels will come close to the place and there will start it’s transformation. A part of right side and a roof of a truck will push forward and this will make a space for 15 badly injured people in safe and relatively sterile conditions, where doctors can prepare them for transport into a hospital. Another part will push forward too and this will make a space for a dispatching. A little tower will move from a roof and this will make a space for control of a situation at a place of an accident. The trailer itself will be support place for medic and doctors and also a medical store. The whole transformation can handle single man and it will takes only ten minutes.

The truck is equipped with a supply of oxygen and electricity. The truck has own energy for 48 hours. Drivers are five, they has 12 hours long shift with periodical changing. They are equipped with a navigation system showing them a way, which they can use for this big automobile.

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