A common nuisance: a politician attacked an another at the public

It happened at meeting of Czech Desntist Chamber on Saturday. A doctor, politician, member and former vice chairman of Civic Democrats Party, a consultant of the Czech Republic president Miroslav Macek was a moderator at meeting. David Rath as a doctor and Minister of Health, unpopular among doctors and pharmaceutical, member of Czech Social Democrats Party, was at meeting as a defender of unpopular changes in Czech public health.

Miroslav Macek stayed in front of speaker’s desk at the beginning of speech.
“At first, let me solve my purely private affair,” said Macek.
Than he walked to Rath and hardly slap him from behind. Than Macek returned to the speech table. Rath and everyone in a hall were shocked. Rath picked all his stuff and he wanted to leave the hall. After few steps he returned an come to speech table.
Rath spoke to a microphone:”Why didn’t you face me like a man? You are a coward.”
Than Macek attacked him again. Rath defended himself and he stroke back. After few seconds they was separated by other people.
Macek explained to the audience: Rath insult him and his wife at newspapers and he warned Rath via media, that he would solve this cause by an educational slap. After that Macek left the hall with loud whistling of the audience.

Rath insinuated in a interview, that Macek married his wife because of money.

This incident has many reactions.
Chairman of Czech Dentist Chamber apologized to Rath in a name of all dentist. Chairman of Civic Democrat Party disavow Macek. Prime Minister and chairman of Czech social Democrats Party said, that is was a political attack.

Macek explanation that it was the private affair looks strangely, because I think that private affairs are not solved at a public in front of the eyes of hundreds of people and even large number of journalists and cameras.

You can see a record by Czech Television (no comment).

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