Czech are silver

Hockey world tournament ended yesterday. And for most Czechs it was unhappy end. Czech hockey players lost final match against Sweden.

First third of the match show to Czechs that Sweden is like stone wall. Deadly stone wall. It was fifteenth minute and Sweden scored. 37 seconds left and Sweden has second point.
Second third wasn’t much better. 24th minute and 37th minute and score is 0:4. Czechs players was hopeless, although fans in stadium support them until last minute. Third period was for Czech players like water trying to destroy a mountain. Sweden players didn’t let no Czech to get to Sweden sanctuary…

Almost every Czech watched the match. Old Town Square was full of fans in front of large screen. Unfortunately, after 60 minutes of playing time no celebrations was heard. Fans left the square in quiet.

Although they appreciated very good work of players trough the whole tournament. There was a little faith in Czech team at the beginning of the tournament. Large rejuvenation of the team gives to many experts as well as fans big space for doubts. Best stars stayed in USA or Canada. Fifteen players was world tournament novices. And yet, they won silver medals.

Sweden team was very tough. Czech players appreciated their qualities after the match. Bronze medals won Finland, our opponent in semi-finals.

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