Building of Prague outer circuit continues

Improving of Czech traffic network is at a best way. Although ecologist or residents protest or discuss about some parts of lines highway traces in Czech, many places are in hands of builders and workers.

Prague outer circuit will have a new building site inaugurated this Thursday. It will be a part of circuit between highways to Pilsen and to Brno. Road and Highway Directorate has all required licences and the building will start immediately.

Six kilometers long section will be between Slivenec and Lahovice and it will have 1,6 kilometers long tunnel, 460 meters long bridge and two kilometers long scaffold bridge. Total cost of this section is 8,9 milliards CZK.

Other part of the section between Pilsen and Brno highways is 8.5 km long and expected cost is 5,9 milliards CZK. Work on this part could begin during this year. Whole section should be ready in year 2009.

Now it is build 18 kilometers of total length 85 kilometers of Prague Outer Circuit.

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