Zizkov TV tower in new colours

TV tower in Zizkov has new colours during night. It is lighten by colour lights as a part of celebration, because it is 125 years from raising Zizkov to a town. Colour lights will cover surface of the tower every night for five years.

There was many discussions about the TV tower in part, it’s broadcastings began in nineties, and high futuristic structure has slowly become popular. Now the towers broadcasts many TV and radio stations and there is for a fee choice to take a look from the tower and even you can visit a restaurant located in there. Worth to say, that prizes are as expensive as the restaurant is high.

Now Zizkov TV tower has a colours of white, red and blue (from top to bottom). That are official colour of Radio Prague and of course colour of Czech Republic. After some time, the colours will be changing.

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