Beer tourism declines

As inquiry says a beer is second most popular attraction in Czech Republic. But a beer tourism to Czech Republic is lower in comparison with last year. The beer tourism – travelling to any destination to drink cheap beer and have cheap entertainment – is still very popular, but some travellers change a destination.

Most beer tourists is from United Kingdom. But as statistics say, in Czech Republic was for 15 per cents British travellers less than last year. With cheap flights to another destinations, they slowly leaving Bohemia. On the other side, the amount of sold beer is same as it was last year. It is because tourists bring Czech beer back home.

Czech Republic is at world first place with sold beer in count to a citizen. It is 16 millions hectolitres, 156,5 litres to one person. But as brewing industry says, 15-20 per cents of sold beer in Czech Republic is drunk by foreigners visiting Prague and Czech Republic. The quantity of a beer sold abroad in is also raising.

As I see it thus maybe beer travellers will have cheaper beer in Slovakia, Ukraine or Latvia, but best beer is in only Czech Republic.

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