Czech shares is falling

Czech Stock market has problem: almost every Czech stocks loses the value. It was third biggest fall in a history. Stocks value is now for 150 milliards less than last week. Unipertol stocks forfeited by 13 per cents.

Expert says that fall is not caused from inside of Czech Republic and Czech market. The forfeit is world-wide, caused by raising the price of oil and by American investors. They are worried because slowing the economy, raising interest rate and the inflation, so they are pulling back money from stocks.

Prague and Czech market has biggest fall in Central Europe. The Fall from Tuesday to Wednesday was in Czech Republic 4,2 per cents, Poland had 4,1 per cents, Austria has lesser fall – 1,6 per cents.

Reason of biggest fall at Czech market is simple: during recent months Czech economy was strongly rising. Now it has a space to fall. Economists say, that there is no reason to worry: Czech economy is still at a good way, it is expected high raising after this and this is good time to buying “good stocks”, because their lower cost will return in some time back to higher value.

I’m not an economist expert, so I apologize for any nonsenses. But information are taken from relevant sources.

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