Eating in Prague

Here I bring you a blog article about experiences with Czech food, by an American. He describes Czech beer, marinated Camembert, mushroom pie with beets, Slovak gnocchi, beef hunk, a goulash and some speciality – kaplicka basta.

The first thing we ate, nakládaný hermelín (45 crowns), turned out to be a regional specialty. This was at Café Indigo (Platnéřska 11, Praha 1). It’s a small round of Camembert marinated in oil with a spice we believe was paprika. Michael said it’s a common bar food served all over Prague. Camembert is one of my least favorite cheeses, but this was good, and I’d like to figure out how to prepare it before our next party.

The rest is here

For me it is interesting to have some view about Czech food by a foreigner and for you it can give you an opinion too.

I invite any experience with Czech food/drink, good or bad by you.

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