Two Parties abdicated from elections

Two non-parliament Parties has ended a fight for voters.

Ceska Pravice (The Czech rights) has abdicated this Wednesday. A leader of the Party Jan Simkanic said that their voters should vote Civic Democrats (ODS). Ceska Pravice had voting number seven and run in seven regions. Simkanic explained that the abdication was made as way how to avoid to Communistic party (KSCM) and Social Democrats (CSSD) to win the votes.

Second party has abdicated yesterday. It is Helax – Ostrava se bavi (Helax – Ostrava amuse oneself). This truly rag political party says that their purpose is done – to arouse public notice. The party had as well as Ceska Pravice almost no chance to get to the Parliament. Election manager of the Party says that their voters should support Parties, what can smash KSCM and CSSD.

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