Parliament election starts this Friday

It is only five days to polling day. This day is last for publishing of election preferences. Next day where preferences can be shown is Saturday, when election will end.

Inquiries was made by four agencies and companies. It is CVVM, STEM, Factum Invenio and SC&C. Their last surveys was between 1st May (Stem) to 25th May (SC&C).

Only one thing is common: Which Parties out of 26 will get to Parliament. It is (from left to right) The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD), Green Party, Christian Democratic Union –
Czechoslovak People’s Party (KDU-CSL) and Civic Democratic Party (ODS). Other Parties will not reach 5 per cents required for membership in Parliament.

But as survey says is not clear a success in elections. Each surveyor company has different results in number of per cents and sequence.
It is expected that KDU-CSL will have between 5,5% and 9% votes, Green Party from 7,1 to 10,5%, KSCM 12,1% – 17,3%, CSSD 24,2% – 28,5% and ODS from 26,7% – 32%.

It is not certain which Party will win elections: ODS or CSSD. That also means that there is more variants for coalition. Most expected are ODS+KDU-CSL, ODS+KDU+Green Party, CSSD+KSCM (or only passive KSCM support of CSSD), CSSD+Green Party+KDU-CSL. Other variants are not so probable like ODS+CSSD.

ODS and CSSD are biggest rivals in this election. Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek (CSSD) reduced large gap between chances of winning ODS and defeat of CSSD to a minimum in couple of months. Political duels of Jiri Paroubek (CSSD) and Mirek Topolanek (ODS) in discussions is very equal.

If nothing happens, certain winner in these elections will be known after the end of voting – most probably from Saturday to Monday.

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