Shooting in Prague

Unfortunately it is not shooting a film, but real shooting.
Four trams were shot by unknown projectile On Thursday in Prague. It was in the area of Zizkov district. I hoped that there will be some more info, but until now it is not clear what was shot.

Prague trams were shot between 6 PM and 7 PM. Once was hit driver’s cabin, three times passengers section. No one was harmed. It was two lines number 9, one 5 line and 14 line.

Police found twice broken ventilation windows, one cracked window with a three millimeters wide hole and one with a 3mm wide hole.

It is not certain origin of holes. As police said it could be caused by fire arm, stone or as visitors of forum said by heavy sling. One theory is that it was shot out of car.

Trams were repaired and back on tracks next day.

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