Water is rising again

It is not a month and water is raising again.
Worst situation is in Western Bohemia region at rivers Vydra in Morava area, Otava in Susice area, Klabava in Rokycany area and Mze in Tachov area. Emergency status is at Rokycany area.

Prague is in first level – vigilance. Doors at Vltava protecting blind stream branch Certovka has been preventively closed.

It is awful that floods become only after two days of raining. It was almost never happening. It could rain whole week and there was no floods.

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  1. wombat said, May 29, 05:10 PM #

    I think we (human race) have managed to completely damage the environment. I grew up in Prague, there were never any floods, Christmas was cold with snow, summer was sunny and hot. Now we have no snow at Christmas just bitter cold, rainy cold summers, cyclones in USA, droughts in Australia … one environmental disaster after another. Oh dear oh dear, I think I am voting for the Greens :)

  2. Mirek (author) said, May 29, 05:43 PM #

    I agree that nature is hardly damaged by humans. On the other hand, the environment in Czech Republic (except floods) is much better than it was in communistic era – before year 1989.

    And you must agree that this winter was very long and cold even in Prague. And year before it was cold too. I’m afraid that it is caused by global warming, because it changes Gulf Stream which brings warmer weather to Europe and Czech Republic.

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