Czech Plasma pencil with many use

Plasma pencil is an invention of Czech scientist of Brno Masaryk university.

This invention is very variable and has many usage, where effects of pencil are changing depending on the temperature of the plasma.
Relatively low temperature can be used for changes of an object surface, allowing effectively absorb water. It can be also used for removing a rust from surface.
High temperatures are great for engraving and carving of a wood or a glaze.
The pencil can also sterilize objects or cut tiles.
Plasma pencil is also tested as an surgical instrument – for example for removing of cancer tumour.

A development of this project cost 10 million crowns and it began in 1996.

Plasma is an ionized gas with unique properties. Plasma appears for example in lightnings or fire and it is 99 per cents of space matter.

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