Illegal posters in Prague

Mayor capital city of Prague Pavel Bem make complaint to an unknown delinquent for illegal posting posters of the Parties. Posters are a part of election campaign and Pavel Bem wants to reach removing of all posters placed on walls, lamp posts, and many other places. City hall expects that police will solve the problem and police will make consequences for posting people and Parties.

It is next step in fight against illegal posting of Parties. Bem ordered to remove illegal posters of Parties CSSD, SNK-ED, US-DEU and KDU-CSL last week. Only KDU made it. As City hall says most posters has CSSD, biggest rival of ODS, which Pavel Bem is a member.

Legal posting places in Prague are hard to reach – they are too few, expensive and only one company in whole Prague has rights to own and rent them. In fact it is something like advertisement monopole in Prague. That is one reason why so many posters are at forbidden places in Prague. Other interesting note is that illegal posting is for Pavel Bem such a big problem only few days before the elections. Months and months ago thousands illegal posters in whole Prague was no matter to solve until now.

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  1. wombat said, May 31, 12:59 PM #

    Pavel Bem should worry less about election posters and more about the hideous graffiti that is ruining the facades of historical buildings in our city. I live in Prague 2 and the graffiti situation is just out of control here.

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