United Islands of Prague

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Musical festival United Islands comes to Prague! 100 bands, 20 countries, 3 islands at Vltava river. This awaits you. United Islands starts 16th June and ends 25th June.

Music bands from Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Poland, USA… will play there. World known as well as unknown bands.

Three islands, three colours, thee music styles.
Green Island – Strelecky island – world, ethno & folk music, 16th-19th June. Music bands like Cechomor, Iarla O’Lionáird, Renato Borghetti, Ethnica or James Harries. Ticket – 750 CZK, one day ticket 650,- CZK

Blue Island – Zofin – jazz, blues & groove, 19th-21st June. Master guitarists Medeski, Martin & Wood; Kyle Eastwood, Dan Barta, 123 min band. Ticket – 750 CZK, one day ticket 650, CZK

Red Island – Branicka louka – rock & all, 22nd-25th June. You cannot miss Placebo (!), J.A.R., Sto zvirat, The Prostitutes, ska Fishbone, Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Tito & Tarantula. Ticket – 850 CZK, one day ticket 750,-.

Ticket combination:
Green & Red combo 950 CZK
Blue & Red combo 950 CZK
Gree+Blue+Red 1 450 CZK
Ticket reservation islands here. One day tickets are sold only at the place.

Official pages with every possible info.

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