Love Planet festival in Prague

Second year of a music festival Love Planet will change it’s place. Last year it was near Tabor in Southern Bohemia, this year is the festival placed to Prague Exhibition grounds. This change was made because some changes in contend of list of performers.

And whom can you expect? From Czech music scene there will be 100°C, Priessnitz, Nieriku or Vypsana Fixa.
And foreign scene is full of stars: Pet Shop Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Ministry, The Rasmus, Ice-T, Ministy etc.

The festival will have two days and stats 11th August at 2 PM.
If you already have bought tickets, they are still valid.
Tickets cost is 795,- CZK; 895,- at the place.

Official pages are here.
Ticket reservation through Ticketpro.

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  1. rodney bakerr said, Jun 27, 07:45 PM #

    my name is rodney bakerr chicago house music musician and producer . i would love to play at love planet next year 2007. i have a live group. i have had several hit records in england and europe. please check out my web site for info and videos.



  2. Mirek (author) said, Jun 27, 09:07 PM #

    Well, I send a message to Love Planet mail, there is nothing more I can do for you.

    Bye, Mirek

  3. rodney bakerr said, Jul 9, 05:41 AM #


    thanks for the responce to my message .i just wanted to know did you get my web site address.


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