To love and to like in Czech Republic

These two words have a relative meaning. In English mean a something little different than in Czech. Czechs are using “to love” in some specific events. Generally, “to love” is used by Czechs in less cases than English.

For example Czech can say that they love her/his partner, a food, a game (mostly soccer ;-) etc.

But almost no one would say “I love my friend.”

There is one article about it.

First, they only say “I love you” (miluji tě) to the person they’re romantically involved with. Not to parents, close friends other relatives, or things they enjoy tremendously (say, ice cream or beer). Just to their romantic partners. Confused, I asked my students, “So what do you say to your mother?” “I like you, mom.”

The rest of this article as well as some Czech wedding traditions is here.

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